L'Ami Jean
27 rue Malar  75007
French, type.Basque, Gastronomic, Neo bistro/creative
Good value lunch menu - In group - Take away
35 to 55 €  | Chef : Stéphane JEGO

An inn. This is how Stéphane Jego qualifies his establishment, located a few steps from the Invalides district. In a typical and warm decor, made of brick walls and wooden tables and chairs, there are some drawings by the friends who are artists, and tributes to those who are no longer there (Siné, Charb...). By carefully choosing his products, with a deep respect for nature, from plants to animals, Stéphane Jego offers cooking of "mastered chance", tasty and generous. We eat beef chuck, roasted pigeon, pig in all its forms, or a mythical homemade rice pudding. The main goal of the chef is to offer his guests a real moment of sharing with his cooking. Passion more than reason. Menu €35 (lunch) - Approx. €80 à la carte - S.I - 2018

  27 rue Malar  75007  
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