Kitchen Ter(re)
26 boulevard Saint-Germain  75005
Bistro, Asian, Italian, Neo bistro/creative
Terrace - Good value lunch menu - Romantic - Take away
20 to 35 €  | Chef : Bruno Laporte

After Ze Kitchen Gallery and Kitchen Galerie Bis, William Ledeuil is back with Kitchen Ter(re), his new restaurant still located on the left bank, which plays with pasta menu this time! Indeed, William Ledeuil established a partnership with Roland Feuillas, a baker at Cucugnan to create 6 varieties of pasta from ancient wheat. For all that, the chef does not forget his passion for Asian flavours that we can find in the form of broths, spices, citrus fruits, herbs and other curries. The result is a delicious Thai poultry broth with pale-leaf woodland sunflower, followed by a lace from Cucugnan (pasta with durum wheat) with roast confit of pig and red curry. Desserts are just as good, especially the passion fruit coconut squash with honey ice cream. Once again, all of this is amazing! Lunch menu at €30. Dinner, around €40 to €50 - G.B - 2018

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