Il Bacaro
9 Rue Auguste Laurent  75011
tag.Take Away
35 to 55 €

As soon as you arrive, you are won over by the warm atmosphere and the good smells that escape from the cuisine of this Italian restaurant like no other. the chef Eleonora Zuliani (who has worked in the cuisines of Caffè Stern and Caffè dei Cioppi) cooks cuisine from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, a region in northeast Italy. We start with a cicchetti (Venetian tapas) of fresh cheese salė small artichokes with quince compote with mustard. Then firstly, linguine with octopus and red wine with very slightly spicy lentils or even delicious homemade potato ravioli stuffed with pears, apples and herbs with smoked ricotta. The desserts are not to be outdone with an original panna cotta, chestnut cream and persimmon coulis and a tasty bitter chocolate and almond cake. In the end, this is a delicious and original address at a very fair price which makes it one of the best Italian restaurants in Paris. Lunch menu from 13 to 18 € A la carte from 32 € - G.B -2020

  9 Rue Auguste Laurent  75011  
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