Aux Plumes
45, rue Boulard  75014
Neo bistro/creative, Gastronomic
Good value lunch menu - For business - Romantic - Take away
35 to 55 €  | Chef : Kazuhiro Fujieda

Near the Montparnasse district, a small establishment (20 seats!) with the Japanese Kazuhiro Fujieda in the kitchen, who carefully chooses seasonal products to deliver a refined and original cuisine. For lunch and dinner, it offers a trilogy of starters to prepare the palate before the dish, among which we find French classics with nods to the chef native country as a sea bream, crustacean cream with curry, and stewed kale cabbage. You can understand, Aux Plumes, the notion of pleasure is based on discovery, so that ours is bigger. Menu €18-32 (lunch) - €38-50 (dinner) - S.I - 2018

  45, rue Boulard  75014  
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