Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee
25 ave de montaigne  75008
Gastronomic, French, Vegetarian / Vegan
For business - Romantic - Nice setting - Take away
More than 55 €  | Chef : Romain MEDER

In a sumptuous setting where the beautiful rivals the intimate, the triple Michelin star Alain Ducasse amazes its guests with its inexhaustible search for excellence in simplicity. Because the philosophy of the chef, the "naturalness", places at the center of his work and his requirements the respect for the environment, and a healthy diet in harmony with nature. On the menu, the exceptional products are in perfect harmony with seasonal products from the French soil: Puy green lentils and caviar, delicate eel jelly; Cotentin lobster, eggs emulsified with fresh pepper, new turnips; Atlantic bar bled, zucchini and pastries, wakame coastal fishing .. For dessert, rhubarb gardens of the Queen, milk cream ribot, licorice or lemon niçois, kelp seaweed tarragon. Alain Ducasse has not finished to impress us. 210 € (noon) - 395 € (evening) - S.I - 2018 [AT]

  25 ave de montaigne  75008  
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